Vegan sweet potato curry meal kit

Vegan sweet potato curry meal kit

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All the ingredients needed to make this recipe (perfect for a family of 4 with curry left over):

The kit includes:

• 1 onion (organic)

• 1 bulb garlic (organic)

• 1 thumb fresh ginger (organic)

• 1 jar vegan red curry paste

• cayenne pepper, paprika and tumeric

• 1.2kg sweet potatoes (organic)

• 100g dried red lentils

• 1 tin chopped tomatoes (organic)

• bouillon

• 1 tin coconut milk (organic)

• 470g jar of crunchy peanut butter (organic)

• 30g brown sugar

• 3 nests of noodles

Please note you will need 1 tbsp of your own oil for the recipe and 40g of fresh basil (although we usually make without).